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Dimensions might be incorrect without calibration. To calibrate place a physical credit card against the image of the card below and increase or decrease its size until it matches the size of the physical card exactly. Once both have the same size the calibration is complete and you can read the display dimensions above. If you don't have physical card you can use debit card, library card or a standard ID.

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屏幕尺寸检测你的显示器的物理尺寸以英寸为单位。屏幕尺寸是基于层叠样式表 1 像素大小计算,可能是不准确的一些操作系统,特别是移动设备。最可靠的方法来确定实际的屏幕尺寸是用一把尺子,屏幕分辨率:屏幕分辨率探测器。"


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